The game is in Alpha stage of development at the moment

Beta release date coming soon…


About Rise of the iron legion

PC, Mac & Linux | Created by Idle hands

We’ve been working on our first game “Rise of the Iron Legion” for some time now
and now we’re soon able to share it with the world! We’re blending a plotted storyline with player decision
and large multiplayer tactical battles to realize a living, fun world ready for everyone to explore.

Feedback from our Alpha testers

“Finally a turn based game that offers a real challenge and original graphics; nicely done”
– Ted de Meijer

“A tactical game that offers so much more than your typical tank game”
– Jenny de Haas

“Tanks and a true multiplayer experience? Yes please!”
– John de Graaf

“Still rough around the edges but a lot of fun to play!”
– Timo Raaf